I welcome applications from undergraduate students interested in working in my lab. Although applications are accepted at any time, new research assistants are usually brought into the lab at the begninning of each semester and at the beginning of the summer. Please note that I typically receive many more applications than I can accomodate each semester. If you are not selected for an interview and meet the requirements listed below, you are welcome to apply again.


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Sophomore standing or higher
  • Ability to commit at least 10 hours per week to research during regular business hours
  • Interest in research in mental health and criminal justice
  • Strong work ethic and desire to learn


Undergraduate research assistants generally begin by learning the basics of research: data entry, literature reviews, and transcription. After successfully learning these basic tasks, advanced research assistants may then have the opportunity to undertake more complex research tasks, such as interviewing research participants, data analysis, and undertaking independent research projects (including honors theses). Students interested in completing honors theses must volunteer in the lab for at least one semester before beginning the thesis and enroll in three credits of Independent Research. Paid positions, when available, are reserved for students who have volunteered in the lab for one semester or more. 


Research experience and professional development

Upper division course credit (Independent Research)

Letter of recommendation for graduate/law school

Advancement into paid positions, off-site internships, and supervisory roles when available


Please complete the lab application and email it to Dr. Eno Louden.